After recently turning 18 I have discovered adult life. Opportunities such as driving, drinking and clubbing presented themselves (not all at the same time). Like many others, I was desperate to get my license, as this was the ultimate step in independence. After one failed attempt, I passed the test and was on the road. I bought my own car a few weeks before my birthday and was keen to drive everywhere and anywhere until the expenses of running a car kicked in. I guess as a kid we never realise what our parents pay for and how expensive it is to live.

I also started uni a week after I turned 18; a transition of which proved to be difficult. Uni is very different to school life and I found that it was in fact quite hard to make friends! I am six weeks in and can’t say that even now I have made many friends. That’s what I loved about being at school, seeing your friends everyday and being there for them. Now it’s everyone for themselves. The lecturers don’t care if you pass or fail; nobody cares which does not provide much incentive to pass. The incentive to pass is the threat of repeating and lengthening your course. I question whether I like the course I am doing because you have to be so self motivated to do your best. This is where my new job at Solve comes in.

In January I started working for Solve and I loved it. I felt I was really contributing by bringing my youthful experience with social media and knowledge of my generation. This job is easy to balance with uni because I am practicing the work I am doing in my course. I learn things in class that I then use a few days later at the office. This industry application definitely makes my course worth it.