In late 2013 I was made redundant from a senior role in a large global pharmaceutical company. Having spent my whole working life in large multinationals, it was bit of a shock to be confronted by the world at large and it was very tempting to jump back into the next senior role that came along. But after taking a break to enjoy some time with the family, I realised that this was in fact a great opportunity to see how NFPs, government organisations and other small to medium sized businesses operate and apply my skills in a different environment.

Having taken the leap into the family business, I have been very pleasantly surprised at the challenge and opportunity this presents without much of the burden of a high pressure senior role. It’s clear there are very talented people out there doing great things without any of the infrastructure or support provided by an MNC. In fact the spirit of innovation and ability to make quick decisions is totally refreshing. I’ve been able to achieve much more balance in life which has been great for my health and for the family too.

Sure there are downsides, such as if your computer conks out there is no IT helpline to call and when stationary cupboard is bare you have to get yourself down to Officeworks to replenish supplies. But overall, it has been a breath of fresh air to see how others do things (in many cases with less funds and resources), yet the quality of the outputs are just as effective – if not more impactful to society in many cases. So it’s goodbye to the corporate world for me… for now at least.